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11 awesome teething products

Consoling a cranky, teething baby can be tough. Nobody's sleeping and everyone's irritable (and covered in drool). Here are 11 products that can help.

By Ariel Brewster

11 awesome teething products

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Consoling a teething baby can be tough (and with 20 primary teeth in total that need to come in eventually, the process can feel endless, too!). Unfortunately, there's very little you can do for your cranky little one, aside from providing lots of extra cuddles and comfort, and giving an age-appropriate dose of baby ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Amber teething necklaces are more of a safety risk than a solution, and teething gels are not recommended by experts. (In fact, the US recently banned the sale of certain homeopathic gels and remedies, too.) But there are plenty of cute, fun teething toys and rings that can help your infant safely chew her way through this frustrating, drool-soaked phase. Here are 11 awesome teething products. Chomp away!

11 awesome teething products

Baby Banana Teether/Toothbrush

Let your little monkey chomp on this soft banana toy. The built-in bristles soothe sore gums and the double handle makes it easy for even younger infants to grab. $12,

banana teether

So’Pure Teething Ring

If your baby is already obsessed with Sophie La Girafe, it’s worth investing in this teething ring version. $20,

Giraff teether

Baby Buddy Baby’s First Toothbrush

The Baby Buddy is safe from four months of age and up, and it’s both toothbrush and chew-toy in one. At this price point you should go ahead and buy two when you order. (Trust us: you’re sure to lose at least one somewhere in the diaper bag/nursery/car.) $9,

Baby teething toothbrush

Chewbeads Gramercy Stroller Toy

If you’re on the go, these tastefully gender-neutral chew beads can hook right on to your stoller or a diaper bag handle. You can also try attaching them to your baby’s high chair or to one of the other toys on the Exersaucer. $21,

Teething chewbeads

Selfie Teether

You’re always snapping pics of your little one, so you might as well give him his own camera. This teether is smooth, safe, and designed for your paparazzo’s petite yet pudgy hands. $20,

Camera-shaped teether

Bumkins Nintendo Game Boy Silicone Teether

Yup, it’s a silicone teether designed for chewing on (unlike Mom or Dad’s smartphone). This one’s perfect for parents nostalgic about their Nintendo products from the early ’90s. Bonus: babies love buttons. $17, 

Game boy-shaped teether

Nuby IcyBite Teething Keys

Does your baby love stealing (and playing with) your car keys? Get him his own safe-to-chomp set. $7,

teething ring

Ice Cream Teether

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.” This adorable pastel teether clips on to your baby’s clothing or to your diaper bag, ensuring it isn’t falling on the floor constantly. $28,

Ice cream teether

Appeteethers – 3 Carat Teether

This BPA-free plastic carrot teether familiarizes your gummy little one with healthy, fresh produce from an early age. (It’s safe for 0+ months). $17,

Carrot teethers

All Stage Teether Fish

This all-natural rubber teether from CaaOcho Baby is BPA- and pthalate-free; safe for babies 0+ months; can be cooled in the fridge; and is big enough to reach those pesky, painful molars poking through in the back. $14,

fish shaped teething toy

Infantino Water Teether

You can’t go wrong with a basic teething ring. Keep this one in the fridge for cool, soothing relief for sore gums. $3,

teething ring

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This article was originally published on Dec 23, 2016

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