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9 things your baby doesn’t really need in the first year

It’s exciting to buy stuff for your new baby, but you can save a whack of cash by skipping some unnecessary items. 

By Claire Gagne

9 things your baby doesn’t really need in the first year

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Crib bedding set

These expensive packs of bedding invariably come with bumper pads and a quilt or comforter, items Health Canada recommends against using in the crib, as they can lead to suffocation, choking or strangling. Skip the fancy sets and stock up on cute fitted sheets and a few good mattress covers instead. 

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Change table

You probably won’t want to schlep baby to her bedroom every time she’s got a dirty diaper. Pick up a few change mats and set up stations with diapers and wipes in key areas. For the nursery, buy a thick changing pad that can attach to the top of a low dresser, something you’ll be able to use long after your babe’s out of diapers. 

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Baby food maker

This kitchen appliance can cost as much as $200 and doesn’t do anything you can’t do with a stove and a regular blender. Plus, a mush-only diet lasts for a very limited amount time—sometimes just a matter of weeks. After that, you’ll be wondering where to store the thing.

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It’s hard to resist pint-sized sneakers. But they aren’t necessary—doctors recommend babies who are cruising and learning to walk do so with bare feet, which allows the muscles in the feet to develop properly. When your babe is ready to venture outside, invest in a quality pair designed for beginner walkers. 

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Wipes warmer

This luxe gadget is designed to keep wipes warm for your baby’s comfort. It’s a nice gesture, but save your cash. A wipes warmer takes up space, uses electricity and gets your baby used to heated wipes, which you won’t have when you’re on the go. You can always warm up the cloth by holding it in your hand for a few seconds.   

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Breastfeeding cover

If you feel you must cover up, a receiving blanket or muslin swaddling blanket draped over your shoulder serves the same purpose.

9 things your baby doesn’t really need in the first yearPhoto: Skip Hop

Scratch mittens

Putting baby socks on their hands works just fine!

9 things your baby doesn’t really need in the first yearPhoto: iStockphoto

Jogging stroller

Running with your baby is not recommended until she’s six months old and has developed better neck strength. Unless you have unlimited storage space, it’s best to wait. (Or buy used—swap-and-sell sites are rife with parents selling their jogging strollers.)

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9 things your baby doesn’t really need in the first yearPhoto: iStockphoto

Stuffed animals

These will accumulate in your home regardless of what you do—don’t “stock up.”

A baby lying down holding on to a stuffed bear in a matching outfitPhoto: iStockphoto

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This article was originally published on Mar 01, 2020

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