9 Best Baby Bathtubs 2023

Splish, splash—baby is ready to take a bath!

By Elizabeth Kadar

9 Best Baby Bathtubs 2023


Washing your baby in those early days can feel a lot like trying to hold a slippery fish as you attempt to clean it at the same time. It’s intimidating, especially for new parents. The best baby bathtub provides a sturdy, safe place for little ones to lounge so caregivers can quickly rinse the spit up from their tiny crevices and wash baby’s hair sans the tears—well, here’s hoping.

Because a good bathtime routine can help set the stage for a good night’s sleep in their new crib, it’s important to purchase a baby bathtub they’re comfortable in and you’re comfortable using. We’ve researched the safest, best baby bathtubs for the sink, floor or your own big bathtub. Add ‘em to your newborn checklist and registry stat!

What to look for in the best baby bathtub

The best baby bathtub is safe, sturdy, easy to use (and clean!) and can grow with them beyond the newborn stage. Many parents will also appreciate something portable, compact and potentially foldable, so it can be tucked away or hung up when not in use, which is a true game-changer when you’re tight on space.

To select the best baby bathtub for your house, Lisa Trofe, Executive Director of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA), tells parents to consider where and how they’ll use the baby bathing device. “The safest baby bathtub is one installed and used according to manufacturer’s instructions, wherever you intend to bathe the baby,” she says.

It’s especially important to always follow age and weight guidance recommendations, particularly since many modern baby bathtubs are designed to be used in stages based on how big or little your child is—check back often so you know when to transition them.

Prior to placing your little one in the bath, Trofe warns parents to always test the water temperature first, ensuring it doesn’t exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It's something the American Academy of Pediatrics agrees with. “Never add water to the tub while the baby is in it,” she cautions. “You should also never use a baby bathtub on an elevated surface, like a table or countertop.”

The best baby bathtub picks 2023

Best overall

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘N Seat Tub

fisher price baby bath, best baby bath tubs Merchant

If you're looking for a bestselling baby bath that can go the distance, this beloved 4-in-1 tub from Fisher Price is our top pick with over 14,000 positive reviews from real parents and a nearly-perfect 4.8-average star rating on Amazon. It'll take your tiny tot from the newborn stage well into toddlerhood, thanks to a convenient and convertible, grow-with-me design made to safely contain kids at any age.

It comes with a soft mesh sling to cradle the littlest ones for easy-access washing, as well as a sit-me-up insert to keep them steady (and from slipping and sliding everywhere) once they get a little bit bigger. And when they're fully mobile, just remove it all to create the perfect mini tub for toddlers to splish and splash in.

The Sling ‘N Seat comfortably fits in most sinks and adult bathtubs, plus comes with a handy drain plug to get the water out and a hook for drying and stowing off the floor once bathtime is over. Did we mention it comes with a couple of toys too? It's the ideal addition to your baby gear list and can easily support babies throughout their first year of life.


  • Convertible design that grows with them from birth through toddlerhood
  • Super safe and sturdy
  • Includes two toys
  • Hook for hang drying and storing off the floor


  • Several different parts/pieces to clean and keep up with

Best budget

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Adjustable Baby Bathtub

first years baby bath with insert, best baby bath tub Merchant

This three-stage baby bathtub wins major points for affordability, comfort, safety and ease of use. The sturdy and cozy newborn mesh sling will give parents plenty of peace of mind during bathtime, thanks to the form-fitting, seat-like netting to securely hold them in place.

As they get bigger, the sling can be removed and your little one can be placed directly in the tub with a nice, relaxing recline and padded headrest to ensure their happiness (honestly, so important) as you bathe them.  Of course, a genius bump in the middle of the baby tub will keep them safe and from slipping down into the water.

There's a toddler side too with a supportive seat and space to play as they age. Parents will love the accessory tray for organizing and stashing all the baby bathtime essentials within arm's reach. For cleanliness and convenience, the mesh sling can simply be thrown in the wash and dryer, and the anti-slip pads are mildew resistant so you don't have to stress about mold.


  • Extremely affordable and practical
  • Grows with them
  • Mesh sling is machine-washable
  • Anti-slip pads are mildew-resistant
  • Accessory tray to stow baby soap, shampoo and other bath essentials


  • No hook for hanging to dry
  • Can be tough to clean the deeper areas of the tub

Best space-saving

Oxo Tot Splash & Store Bathtub

oxo tot collapsible baby bath, best baby bath tubs Merchant

We used this space-saving Oxo Tot tub with all three squirmy kiddos and loved the fact that it not only collapses flat for compact storage but can be hung on your shower rod or a towel hook in the bathroom to dry so it's totally out of the way—AKA not cluttering up your already tiny bathroom. Suitable for little ones from birth to 18 months, it has a narrow end for newborns and a built-in support post between the legs to prevent slippage.

There's also a wider side for when your mobile babe can sit up on their own with plenty of room to splash. A quick-release, dual-sided drain makes emptying water fast when your little one starts to get fussy a breeze.


  • Collapses flat with a 360° swiveling hook for hang drying
  • No separate insert is needed for newborns
  • Can be used from birth through 18 months
  • Quick-release, dual-sided drain empties water extra fast
  • Sleek, modern design


  • Pricier than other options on our list
  • Some reviewers complain that the support post in the middle is uncomfortable for baby though we had no issues with it personally

Best travel

Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather

summer deluxe baby bather, best baby bath tubs Merchant

Packing light is pretty much a pipe dream when you have kids, but if you're not down to lug your babe's bulky bathtub to your destination (as you shouldn't), snagging this super affordable, lightweight and foldable Summer Deluxe Baby Bather is the move. It'll easily fit in your suitcase for travel and is super compact so won't be an inconvenience in tight spaces or tiny hotel rooms.

This baby bath features three different adjustable recline positions and a plush headrest to cater to your little Queen or King. The mesh fabric is quick-drying and machine-washable too so keeping it clean isn't a herculean task.


  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Affordable
  • Three adjustable recline positions
  • Machine-washable and quick-drying mesh fabric


  • It's only designed for newborns/babies up to 25 pounds but your kid is likely to grow out of it long before they hit the weight limit

Best for newborns

Angelcare Baby Bath Support

angelcare baby bath support, best baby bath support Merchant

Ready to use right out of the box, this cozy, cult-fave baby bathtub is a solid choice for newborns, boasting an impressive 4.8-average star rating on Amazon from over 6,000 parents. The Angelcare bath support can be used directly in the bathtub or a big single-basin sink and features a super soft mesh to comfortably cradle your little one as they bathe.

Feel at ease knowing your little one is safe, secure and completely supported when you need to take your hands off of them for a second to grab shampoo or reach for a wash rag. Bonus: babies absolutely love kicking their tiny feet to make little splashes in the bath as you gently wash them.

Drain holes allow soapy water to be rinsed away easily, and the mesh is quick-drying too so water isn't constantly dripping everywhere when you hang it up with the built-in hook to dry. The only downside is you'll have to find a new, equally-as-awesome baby bathtub once your kiddo hits six months.


  • Affordable
  • Modern design in two cool color options
  • Lightweight
  • Built-in hook for hang drying
  • Super soft, quick-drying mesh
  • Drain holes for easy rinsing


  • Can only be used for babies six months and younger

Best for kitchen sink

Blooming Bath Lotus Baby Bath

blooming bath lotus, best baby bath tub Merchant

Let's be real, bathing your baby in the kitchen sink is so much easier and more comfortable for many moms and dads. Who wants to be constantly bent over or sitting on your knees on a hard tile floor trying to wash a squirmy baby? Um, no thanks. The Blooming Bath Lotus Baby Bath is a popular pick for new parents, due to its flexible design, allowing it to perfectly conform to fit most sinks, and anti-skid base to safely secure it in place.

There are four contoured petals and anti-slip beading so you know your little one is extra cozy and super supported during bathtime. To use, you simply place it in the sink and fill it with one inch of water. When you're done, wring it out and place it in the washer and/or dryer on delicate. It can also be hung up with the attached hangtag on the back to dry.


  • Available in nine different color options
  • Conforms to fit most sinks
  • Machine-washable on delicate
  • Attached hangtag for air drying
  • Ant-skid base and anti-slip beading
  • Comfortable


  • Only suitable from birth through six months

Best collapsible

Stokke Baby Bath Bundle

stokke foldable bath with newborn support, best baby bath tub Merchant

If the thought of adding even more clutter to your already crowded bathroom gives you slight anxiety, then you'll love this foldable Flexi Bath from Stokke, which collapses completely for easy storage. The Bath Bundle comes with ergonomic newborn support too. That means you can safely and comfortably clean babies from birth up to 17 pounds (or eight months) before transitioning to the bigger tub once they're sitting up.

Things to love about this bath, other than its collapsible design, are the fact that it's lightweight, durable, easy to clean and perfectly portable for bathing baby anytime, anywhere. It also has a non-slip base and is JPMA-certified so you can rest assured it's super safe for your precious babe. And, our favorite feature, there's a heat-sensitive draining plug, which changes colors as the water warms up, alerting parents if it's too hot for baby.


  • Collapses flat
  • Comes with newborn insert
  • Can be used from birth through age four
  • JPMA-certified for safety
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Heat-sensitive draining plug to warn when water is too hot


  • Some reviewers complain the newborn insert positions baby awkwardly
  • Pricey but worth it for the ease, convenience and ability to use it for years

Best convertible

Frida Baby 4-in-1 Grow-with-Me Bath Tub

Frida Baby baby tub, best baby bath tubs Merchant

The ultimate one-and-done tub to grow with your baby through all ages and stages. The Frida Baby Bath features a smart 4-in-1 design with a versatile, color-coded hammock-style insert (turned relaxing recliner) to cradle young babies from birth through six months. Flip it over and it quickly converts into a seat with leg holes and a secure bar to safely sit up older ones during bathtime. The pad insert can also be completely removed for toddlers who need some extra space to splash.

Anti-slip hooks and no-slip feet provide all the security parents want and little ones need. The drain plugs are so easy to pull and empty water fast, while a built-in hook makes drying the entire thing effortless.


  • Four-in-design to grow with them
  • Turns into a bath seat for older babies
  • Easy-release drain plugs
  • Built-in hook for hang drying
  • Anti-slip hooks and no-slip feet for safety


  • Some reviewers wish there was more head support for newborns

Best bath seat

Summer Infant My Bath Seat

summer infant baby bath seat, best baby bath tub Merchant

This bath seat is not only great for older babies ages five through 12 months, but if you have multiple kiddos you need to bathe at the same time, it's honestly a lifesaver. Just plop them in together and let them play while you wash! The seat securely suctions to the walls of a standard-size bathtub. This creates a perfectly stable spot for little ones to sit up in the tub safely—just like a big kid.

It's spacious and open on the sides so cleaning them isn't such a chore, but also secure enough to contain them—with a high-back rest—so you don't have to worry about them slipping down or falling out. You should never leave a child unattended while in this seat or any bathtub for that matter though. As for cleaning, drain holes allow soapy water to rinse away quickly and easily.


  • Great for transitioning baby safely to the big bathtub
  • Super convenient for parents who need to bathe baby with older siblings
  • Suctions to three walls of the tub for extra security and stability
  • Drain holes make for easy cleaning
  • Open-sided design and spacious so getting them completely clean isn't hard


  • Has a short lifespan, as it can only be used for five months
  • Chunky baby thighs may have a hard time fitting in the leg holes


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