"How I make school mornings a little simpler"

Balancing a newborn while getting two kids out the door? It’s no easy feat. Marielle Altenor shares five tips on making that morning dash run a little smoother

By Marielle Altenor, Lady Marielle

"How I make school mornings a little simpler"

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Let’s face it: parents are so busy lately that they need some life hacks to keep their cool and continue to ensure that the household runs smoothly. Over the last few months, being a mom of three—two in school and one newborn—I learned that you need a routine. And, it all starts in the morning.

To help make your morning routine a little simpler, I’m sharing a few of my go-to tips to get your kids ready and out the door with less stress. I hope my list inspires you to find out what works best for your family, so that you can conquer your day.

1. Wake up before the kids

This may be hard if you have early risers (hello, newborn with no sense of time!), but just 15 minutes of alone time before everyone wakes up can help your day run smoother. Not only do I get the bathroom to myself—and uninterrupted—but I also use this time to make myself a coffee.

"How I make school mornings a little simpler"

2. Create an organization system

Sit down and create a weekly organization system. On Saturdays, planning for the week ahead, I write out a to-do list, check the fridge and pantry to see what groceries we’ll need, and make sure lunch boxes and food containers are cleaned and ready to use. Prepare what you can in the evenings and weekends, so that you’re prepared to tackle the day as soon as you wake up.

"How I make school mornings a little simpler"

3. Meal plan what you can 

Packing lunch the night before will save a ton of time in your morning routine. Consider meal planning the week’s lunches so that you can grab-n-go lunch from Monday through Friday. I like to do a few things the night before, like making sure the kids’ water bottles are full and refrigerated.

Packing lunches for school-aged kids in two different age groups can be a bit challenging at times, however, they both have very similar tastes when it comes to snacks. Quaker Chewy granola bars are one of their favourites!

I love adding them to my kids' lunch boxes because they are made with 100% Canadian whole grain oats and made in a peanut-free facility.

"How I make school mornings a little simpler"

4. Prepare the night before

You’ll want to make sure your kids have their clothes set out and their backpacks ready the night before. This will help your kids be ready to wake up, get dressed, and come to breakfast without much fuss.

5. Play music

Music can soothe the soul, so why not create a playlist that includes upbeat tunes you play during your morning routine. Music keeps us all on the same rhythm and picks us up in a happier mood. My kids love music that will get them dancing, and it's such a fun way to start the day!

I know that school is different this year for many families, but one thing that remains true is that kids love snacks! Whether your kids are back at school or they’re learning from home, be sure to stock up on Quaker Chewy granola bars for a quick and delicious snack option.

"How I make school mornings a little simpler"
This article was originally published on Dec 08, 2020

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