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Seventh Generation Coconut Care Foaming Shampoo and Body Wash

By Simone Olivero

Seventh Generation Coconut Care Foaming Shampoo and Body Wash

Best forParents looking for a gentle cleansing shampoo and wash with a tear-free formula

Top BenefitsInstant lather, made with natural ingredients, won’t cause irritation

ConsiderationsNatural scent may be too strong for some

Bottom lineSeventh Generation Coconut Care Foaming Shampoo and Body Wash is gentle, effective and a great option if you want a lightweight shampoo and wash that’s made with natural ingredients


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  • 96 percent natural
  • Made with pure coconut oil
  • Free of parabens, sulphates, and phthalates, and no formaldehyde donors
  • Tear-free formula


A quick stroll through the baby shampoo aisle and you’re sure to be overwhelmed with all the choice. If you want a lightweight shampoo that’s made with natural ingredients, Seventh Generation Coconut Care Foaming Shampoo and Body Wash is one of our Today’s Parent Approved picks and a great option.

Formulated with pure coconut oil, this shampoo is free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates with no formaldehyde donors, and all of the ingredients are listed in colloquial terms, so you know exactly what you're putting on your baby—no hidden chemicals! Because a baby’s skin barrier is still developing, it’s important to limit exposure to parabens and phthalates—chemicals that can act as possible endocrine disruptors. Many parents also want to use something lightweight that won’t cause irritation and provide a gentle, tear-free cleanse.

Our editors' first step in accessing this product was to measure the pH, which indicates how acidic or alkaline (basic) the shampoo is. This is super important when you’re deciding what you want to put on your baby’s still developing skin. Research suggests that baby wash products should have a pH around 5.5 (up to 7) in order to prevent skin conditions like atopic dermatitis and eczema. In our lab tests, Seventh Generation Coconut Care Foaming Shampoo and Body Wash was right on the mark, with a pH of 5.5.

Knowing that the pH was ideal, our lab began looking into the effectiveness of the shampoo. Testers noted that the shampoo had a thin lather that left very little residue on the skin. This is a bonus for new parents who want to make bath time quick for their wiggly little one. The gluten-free formula is also tear-free and has been tested by paediatricians. As for the scent, if you like piña coladas, you’ll probably enjoy the smell of this shampoo. But it's worth noting that some testers found the smell a little strong, so have a whiff of this product in the baby care aisle to make sure you're cool with it before you buy.

Love everything about this product from the design, dispensing, lathering, rinsing, and scent.”—Renee, mom of one

Because we’re dealing with curious little people, it’s important that the shampoo bottle be easy to handle (not an added stress) at bath time. Seventh Generation Coconut Care Foaming Shampoo and Body Wash has a really secure lid, so you don’t need to worry about spillage, but testers also had difficulty removing it to get to the pump. That said, the pump itself functioned well, dispensing a good amount of product for your needs.

As a health care professional, I'm always looking for products that are non-irritating and natural for my kids. I'm a big fan of coconut and this shampoo gives a very lovely scent without it being overpowering. My baby's hair is super soft and she's very clean without feeling dry after using it in her bath.”—Melissa, mom of one

Seventh Generation Coconut Care Foaming Shampoo and Body Wash is a 96-percent natural shampoo that offers a light, natural-smelling lather that’s easy to rinse. Parent testers were especially pleased with the all-natural ingredients and felt confident in the product’s ability to do the job and leave their wee one’s feeling squeaky clean. Many of our parent testers had never used a foaming cleanser before and appreciated the ease of dispensing as well as the instant lather. Given this, both our editors and parent testers feel confident that this baby shampoo deserves the Today’s Parent Approved seal.

Tech Specs

  • Size of bottle
    266 mL/9oz.
  • Ingredients
    Water, aloe barbadensis leaf juice (plant-derived emollient), coco-glucoside (plant-derived surfactant), glycerin (plant-derived humectant), heptyl glucoside (plant-derived cleanser), sodium chloride (mineral-based thickener), organic cocos nucifera (coconut) oil (plant-derived skin conditioner), citric acid (plant-derived pH adjuster), d-dodecalactone, delta-decalactone, dimethyl heptenal, gamma octalactone, hexyl acetate, jasminum sambac (jasmine) flower extract, maltol, sweet orange peel oil, vanillin, glyceryl caprylate (plant-derived preservative), caprylhydroxamic acid (synthetic preservative booster)

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