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First Response Rapid Result Pregnancy Test

By Jenna Campbell

First Response Rapid Result Pregnancy Test

Best forWomen looking for an easy-to-use pregnancy test that can deliver fast, accurate results

Top BenefitsFast and clear results, results examples printed on stick for easy reference, effective finger grip

ConsiderationsDoes not deliver early results before your expected period, not the cheapest market option

Bottom lineThe First Response Rapid Result Pregnancy Test offers quick, accurate results in an easy-to-read window that leaves no room for ambiguity.


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  • Positive and negative results are printed on the test stick for easy reference
  • Generous finger grip for easy positioning in stream
  • Reversible cap to keep things tidy as you await results


If you need to know now whether you’re pregnant, the First Response Rapid Result Pregnancy Test is a great choice—it promises to deliver accurate results within 45 seconds. The test stick itself is slim, simple and designed with practical features to help streamline the process, and our editors and at-home testers found this pregnancy test easy to use and accurate.

When you're peeing on a stick—and anxious to see those little pink lines—the last thing you want is a pregnancy test that's tricky to hold. Our editors found the First Response Rapid Result Pregnancy Test stick slightly short compared to other test sticks, but still long enough to get the job done without any messes. None of our testers had an issue holding onto the grip, and one said she liked how the handle is much higher than other tests she's used, making it easy for her to get the stick angled so she could hit the target. Another mentioned the curved handle was convenient and kept her hands clean from overspray. The cap on the stick is also is reversible, so there's no fumbling to get it on.

When it comes to the most important job of a pregnancy test, First Response Rapid Result Pregnancy Test provided clear results. Example results are printed right on the test stick, eliminating any need to refer to the box or instructions. While this test doesn't offer early results (before your expected period), our parent testers received quick, accurate and consistent results between three days prior to and four days after their anticipated periods—exactly what the test promises.

The test was easy to use: There was no mess to clean up and no need to obtain a cup to pee into. My hands were kept clean.” —Mondi, mom of one

Our editors were also impressed with the product’s speed and accuracy. First Response claims you'll get results in just 45 seconds, and in our lab testing, we got results in just 40 seconds when we dipped the stick in a cup of urine. When tests were taken simultaneously (to gauge consistency), accurate results appeared at the same time. Our editors and testers all found reading the result screen a no-brainer: The pink lines were sharp, without any fogginess in the results window. No one who tested this product experienced incorrect results or a malfunctioning test stick.

While taking a pregnancy test isn't exactly complicated, clear instructions are always helpful. Instructions for the First Response Rapid Result Pregnancy Test are concise and well-organized, with helpful images and an informative Q&A. There's a simple step-by-step guide printed on the box, but it's best as a refresher for anyone who's used the product before because it doesn't include many important details, such as that you’ll need to replace the cap and place the stick on a flat surface with the window facing up as you await results.


If you’re looking for a straightforward, accurate pregnancy test that delivers speedy results, First Response Rapid Result Pregnancy Test is a great option. Our editors were impressed with the simplicity, consistency and speed of results, and women who tried this pregnancy test at home said it was simple and easy to keep things tidy, and results were a breeze to read. Our testers gave this pregnancy test good and very good ratings for quality and ease of use, though they were slightly more lukewarm on the value—understandable given that this test falls into the mid-range of pregnancy test price points. But they also noted that the quick results add a lot of value, and they felt confident in the accuracy—exactly what you want in a pregnancy test.

Tech Specs

    Hold in stream for 5 seconds
    Dip tip in a cup of urine for 20 seconds
    45 seconds

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