Thank your for your cards and messages!

You've lost someone who was a special part of your family. May you all find comfort in each other and in all the deep concern that comes to you today.

Neerja Raman, Henry Sang, & ISL Colleagues

Sharing your sadness today.

Millie Nelson

I will miss her smile and her visits and was so glad that she was a part of my life.

Helen Werdegar and family

With deepest sympathy

The Encina Practice

We were deeply grieved to learn of the untimely death of Yoko.

She was so sweet and smart woman, well loved and admired, we all miss her very much.

Your sorrow is shared by everyone who knew her.

We send our love and heartfelt sympathy to you and your family.

Noriko Sugiyama

I was deeply distressed to hear of the sudden death of Yoko-san. She was so sweet and bright. I will always remember all her kindness during my visit.

Nobuyuki Yamamoto

It was a real pleasure working with Yoko-san. I will remember her in my heart.

Yoshiko Sano

I would like to express my deepest condolences on the death of Yoko-san. She was so tidy and supportive whenever I worked with her. I am sure that her contribution to our task will stay in our heart with her sweet smile.

Yumiko Kashimura

I know how much she meant to you and your family. There are no words to properly express the sorrow and sympathy I feel for you now.

Toshio Mizoguchi

I am very sorry to hear about Yoko. This is the sharpest pain. Usually when I sent a letter to Yoko, she always write me back or give me a call. But I don't hear anything from her since I sent my last letter in January from Japan...

As you may know that my daughter Miu passed away very quickly from her normal and healthy daily school life to the heaven by only 4 days. Because she was a cancer survivor. Yoko visited me and Miu at Lucille Packard Children's Hospital in June 2001 with her warm encouragement, with her heartful homemade treats and with her unlimited offering of support. It wasn't only once, it was several times during her 4 days stay. Even she was working...

Giordano, I really don't know that WHY good people die and bad people still have lives. I've never got the answer. Why Yoko or Miu?

I am thinking that Yoko and Miu have a big hug again in Heaven where we will go later.

Please let me bring some Manju for Yoko's offering which she sometimes brought to me as Miu's offering coming Sunday.

Giordano, I can "hear" your pain. But please talk to Yoko, that you can do. I still talk to Miu and she is always around me and my family.

Nam Myoho Rengekyo

Kazuko Aldrich

I was sorry to learn of the recent death of your wife. Personally, and on behalf of your co-workers, I would like to express my deepest sympathy for your loss.

Or thoughts are with you during this difficult transition period for you and your family.

Dick Lampman

I am very saddened to learn of the death of your wife. Please accept my sincere condolences. You are in my thoughts, and I wish you all possible comfort at this difficult time.

Eric Hanson

I have just read the sad news about your wife (Henry's E-mail). You, your wife and family have been through a terrible experience and now you have to bear what must seem to be the unbearable. I cannot imagine how you must feel since I have not faced what you must face. I know that you have the sympathy and support of all who know you. I wanted to express my personal sorrow for your loss and offer my services in any way appropriate to you at this very painful time in your life.

John Meyer

Bin soeben heim gekommen und Muriel hat mir erzaehlt, was passiert ist. Da ich dich per Tel. nicht erreiche, sende ich dir halt schnell eine e-mail. Es tut mir ja so leid, dass es so gekommen ist. Ich weiss, du warst letzten Sommer schon eher skeptisch, aber fuer uns kam es jetzt doch ueberraschend. Schrecklich auch, dass fuer euch beide die Leidenszeit so lange dauerte. Krebs ist so etwas Gemeines.

Wahrscheinlich bist du jetzt stark mit organisieren beschaeftigt. Das ist ja an sich gut so, stelle ich mir vor, weil es ablenkt. Hast du denn jemanden, der dir hilft und dich in dieser Zeit unterstuetzt? Ist Deanne wieder zuhause? Ich hoffe auch, du kannst problemlos an den Job zurueck (Muriel sagte, du habest seid November die Arbeit unterbrochen). Den brauchst du jetzt wohl unbedingt.

Wir werden natuerlich an die Beerdigung im Tessin kommen, wenn irgend moeglich.

Mach's guet und ich hoffe wir sehen uns bald.

Peter Schnorf

Ti invio le nostre sincere condoglianze per la perdita della tua compagna.

Se desideri rivederci, siamo pronte a venire alla celebrazione funebre a Lugano. Facci sapere.

Se preferici stare solo, non ti disturbiamo. Con i migliori auguri per un periodo sereno.

Isabella e Beatrice Beretta

This is SHIGE writing,

In this early morning, my house telephone rang. It was unexpected sad news, I haven't any words to explain my feeling.

And I cannot to access Yoko's homepage you taught me. I need a few days to see Yoko's image.

Giordano, please come to Japan, and talk with us about Yoko.

I have to say sorry that I didn't know illness of Yoko, and I cannot join Yoko's farewell ceremony. Please forgive me my poor English, I hope you understand my sincere sad & grieves.

Shigeomi Kawabe

Ich war zutiefst betroffen über die Nachricht von Yoko's Tod und ich mochte Dir mein tiefstes Beileid ausdrücken. Ich war mir offenbar nicht bewusst, wie ernsthaft Ihre Krankheit.

Please extend my sympathy also to DeAnne and to Yoko's family. If DeAnne has her own e-mail address, I would appreciate if you could forward it to me some day.

As you may know from Sergio, I am currently in Switzerland, and I hope that I can join the services in Lugano. In the meantime I will inform Angelita, and see if she could be there and also represent me in Palo Alto.

I wish you all the strength you need at a time of such hardship.

Benno Stebler

Thanks for including me on this update. I'm extremely sorry to hear this news and please accept my deepest condolences.

I also wanted to let you know that I expect to be in Palo Alto one night this week (first time since Thanksgiving) to meet a colleague for dinner who is visiting from Sun Microsystems in Grenoble, France (I have been there twice now). I would be happy to drop by to visit you and Yoko's sisters and help with any preparations for the weekend.

Neil Gunther

Neil and I send our wishes and best regards to you in this very difficult time. We both loved Yoko and will miss her dearly.

Our thoughts are with you. Please call if you'd like to talk, go out to dinner, hang out — whatever — we will be there for you.

Aline Dawson & Neil Gunther

I am in shock. In my self-centered world I ignored the vague hints that I should have called or something.

I am very sorry. Now, what should I do for you, please let me know. Anything is OK, day or night.


Guy Tiphane

Thank you sooooooooooo much for sharing your photos with us! I got tears in my eyes looking at some of them.

I realize this is a very difficult time for you, Deanne & Yoko's family. Please take comfort in knowing that Yoko is in God's company & that she is looking down on all of us with a big smile on her face — her pain & suffering is behind her now.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend Yoko's memorial this weekend — I have a planned trip that I scheduled 6 months ago. Besides, I know that Yoko would not want me to cancel my trip so I will continue to go. I wanted to stop by last weekend but realized you needed some private time to mourn & to catch up on your much-needed sleep. You did a stupendous job in taking care of Yoko during her lengthy illness & I'm sure she will now look after you from her high perch in heaven.

Please take care of yourself & let me know if I can be of any assistance to you, Deanne or the Sisters.

With deep sympathy & thoughts —

Linda Atkinson

Thinking of you at this time of sorrow.

I am deeply sadden & distraught at Yoko's passing — will miss her much. Please know that in your sorrow, that Yoko is in God's care now & is finally pain-free & happy with her Creator. My thoughts & prayers are with you.

Linda Atkinson

I am truly saddened to hear about the passing of Yoko. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

Gary Vondran

We just learned of your tragic loss of Yoko. We had hoped to be at EI, but we just could not make it this year. We were very sad when we learned that Yoko was in the hospital. We just do not know how to express our inadequacy of understanding your loss.

We can only recall the wonderful dinner that the four of us enjoyed in Montreal.

You have our prayers, love and sympathy.

Mary and John McCann

I'm shocked and so sorry to learn of Yoko's passing. I picture her so well and I'll miss her, but I'll always remember her well. You were very blessed to share lives with her.

If there is anything I can do to help you through this, please grab my attention. I am very available. Knock on my front door or office window (to the right and front as you see our house from the street), or call.

Barclay (and Betsy) Tullis

Words are never enough at a time like this, but know that you are in our thoughts.

Betsy & Barclay Tullis

I heard the sad news about you wife Yoko. I hope you're alright. I hope time will heal all things. Let's get together when you have time.

Sam Liu

Thank you very much for including me in your email note. The thoughts and pictures are beautiful - just like Yoko. I am going to miss her very much and she will always have a special place in the hearts of people at XIP. You, Deanne and all of Yoko's family are in my heart and prayers during this difficult time.

Yoko had friends around the world. I have received many inquiries from them — Los Angeles, Stamford, UK, Japan — and they have asked what they can do to express their condolences. I thought your web site would be helpful. Could you let me know if I have your permission to send a copy of your mail note to them? I thought you would not mind, but didn't want to do anything without your permission first.

Please know that we would like to help in what ever way is needed. I realize that Jennifer will meet with you and others today, so pls let us know what we can do to help for Sunday or any other time.

With deepest sympathy,

Janis Jacobs

Abbiamo ricevuto questa sera la notizia della morte di Yoko. Un grande senso di tristezza riempie i nostri cuori e non ce ne possiamo capacitare. Ci eravamo rallegrati molto quando abbiamo ricevuto il vostro regalo, spedito da Ginevra, il che significava per noi che Yoko stava bene.

Questo fine settimana con Suzanne ci siamo ancora una volta riproposti di contattarvi via mail per sapere vostre notizie. Sapevamo da Sergio, che abbiamo incontrato a Natale, che erano sorti problemi. Purtroppo, come capita, abbiamo ancora una volta posticipato il nostro intento e ora ci giunge la triste notizia. Suzanne ed io, riguardando le foto che Yoko ha scattato in Ticino, ci sentiamo a disagio per non aver dato seguito ad un contatto che era stato per noi molto gradito e profondo.

Ora rimane un grande sconforto e speriamo che tu possa avere la forza di affrontare questo momento in modo sereno. Vorremmo poterti esserti vicino e offrirti il nostro sostegno. Siamo a tua disposizione.

Come dall'informazione online vi sarà una cerimonia a Lugano a metà marzo. Saremo assenti dal 16 al 23 marzo e speriamo quindi che la data sia quella del weekend del 13-14, poichè vorremmo partecipare all'ultimo saluto a Yoko in terra ticinese.

Caro Giordano, ti siamo vicini in questo triste momento.

Fiorenzo e Suzanne Scaroni

Je suis très peiné par l'annonce du décès de ta chère Yoko.

Je suis bien en pensée avec toi et je souhaite que tu aies la force et le courage pour traverser ces tristes périodes qui nous sont affligées.

Avec toute mon amitié, Charly

Charles Michaud

Yoko was a beautiful human being and will be missed. I will be there on Sunday.

If there is anything I can do, please do not hesitate.

You are in my thoughts and prayers Giordano.

Norma Lerma

Mein aufrichtiges Beileid und tiefes Mitgefühl. Wir haben am Wochenende von meinem Schwiegervater die traurige Nachricht erhalten, und stehen immer noch unter Schock. Obwohl wir um ihren Zustand wussten, haben wir doch alle gehofft und gebetet, dass ihr Zustand sich bessern möge und sich alles zum besseren wenden möge. Die Welt ist ärmer geworden.

Bitte sage Deanne einen Gruss und richte auch ihr unser aller Beileid und Mitgefühl aus. Rie wird sicherlich nochmals versuchen, anzurufen. Einen Gruss und unser Mitgefühl auch an Yoko's Schwestern, Tante Kumiko und meine Schwiegermutter.

Wir werden am Wochenende leider nicht nach Kalifornien kommen können, werden aber in Gedanken bei Euch allen sein.

Solltest Du nach Europa kommen, würden wir uns sehr freuen, wenn Du Zeit finden würdest, uns zu besuchen.

Lothar te Kamp

Very sad and surprised to hear that Yoko passed away. My sincere condolences.

Konstantinos Konstantinides

I am so sorry to hear that Yoko passed away. Even when it is expected, it is still always unexpected. My most heartfelt condolences to you and your step daughter.

Yes, I will certainly attend next Sunday. And please let me know if there is anything I can do.

Sabine Süsstrunk

My sympathies and good wishes are with you.

Neerja Raman

Sono desolato e non trovo nulla da dire nel mio povero armamentario di parole.

Proprio ieri ero a Lugano, anzi a Massagno; una giornata primaverile, con qualche rimasuglio della recente nevicata, il lago come sempre tranquillissimo. Ho pensato molto ai tuoi progetti e sono certo che saranno realizzati.

Ci vedremo sicuramente a fine marzo. Un abbraccio,

Andrea Lawendel

Ci ha fatto molto dispiacere sapere di Yoko. Tokiko e io partecipiamo sinceramente al tuo dolore e ti facciamo tanto coraggio.

Edoardo & Tokiko Charbon

I am extremely saddened to hear about the passing away of Yoko.

If there is anything at all I or my team can do to provide some comfort to you or your family, please do not hesitate to ask.

Gary Dispoto

I am very sorry. I know this is a big loss for you. I wish you the best.

Jim King

Yoko has found peace.

You are in our thoughts right now, hoping that you are well and finding comfort.

You would see me at the memorial, if I hadn't committed to substitute for a friend in a performance at that time on Sunday. I'll be with you in spirit, though.

Jennifer Gille

I wish to express my deepest condolences to you and your family. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you as you face this transitional time in your life. May God grant all of you strength to carry on and may Yoko's soul rest in peace.

Vasudev Bhaskaran

My deepest condolences for your loss of Yoko. It is a very difficult time for you, and I wish you to keep strong.

I hope to see you when you are back to work. Please, call me, and we will have lunch together.

Lucy Cherkasova

I heard from Cormac that we lost Yoko on 31st January. I'm very sorry to hear that, and also of her illness.

My thoughts and prayers are with all who loved her, and given the kind of person she was, there are many. My thoughts are also especially with you.

I live in DC now, and so cannot be at the memorial service this weekend. But please let me know if there is anything I can do that might be useful from here.

Poorvi Vora

I am very sorry to hear about your loss. My wife and I still remember her visit to our home very well. May her soul find peace. We hope you find strength to cope with the loss.

If there is anything I can do to help with your professional or personal work please let me know. Please do not hesitate. I understand you must be finding it very hard to do it all alone at such critical time when you are experiencing such a big loss.

Parag Joshi

I am so sad, I can't tell you how sad I am. She was such a lovely person and I liked her so much, even though I didn't know her well.

Ingrid Curran

I am deeply sadden to hear about Yoko. She was such a wonderful and beautiful person in the short amount of time I knew her. I'm glad I was able to meet the both of you....such wonderful people. May she rest in God's hands and bless her soul. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Frank N. Cozzitorto

Vedo con ritardo la comunicazione tua.

Esprimo la più sincera partecipazione al dolore tuo e dei tuoi familiari.

Fulvio Caccia

Per noi tutti e un gran dolore questa tristssima notizia che ci ha raggiunti come un fulmine a ciel sereno e ti siamo sinceramente vicini. Enrica mi ha detto che ha sofferto moltissimo, mi spiace che non abbiamo potuto esserti d'aiuto in momenti cosi duri.

Ho parlato con Enrica e ci sembra che il pastore che ha accompagnato Dario sarebbe la persona adatta per dare un po di conforto ai presenti.

Ho avuto problemi con il pc per questo ti scrivo solo ora. Tra una settimana vado in vacanza per una settimana in ogni momento puoi contare su di noi un forte abbraccio e a presto.

Wanda Foletti

I heard the sad news today. Please accept my deepest sympathies. I am sorry that I never got to know Yoko as I have heard nothing but praise about her from people who knew her, especially Ulku. I wish you and your family strength. You will be in my prayers.

I know that words are pretty futile in difficult times such as these. I wish that Yoko has found peace wherever she is and that you and your family will find the inner strength to cope with her departure. Please do not forget that you have tons of good friends all over the world who care about you.

Ufuk Agar

Very very sad news for me and Sanae (my wife)

Two weeks ago she told me in near future we'll see in San Jose or Tokyo with us. My wife remember that she came to Japan and my wife showed her Japanese department store. She had a good life after she married with Giordano.

I don't know any words in English for you. Yoko-san Yasurakani Oyasumi Kudasai!

Yoichi and Sanae Miyake

It is with great sorrow that we have received the sad news of the sudden and untimely passing of Yoko.

I know how difficult it will be to replace a woman of such exceptional ability and character.

Please accept my heartfelt condolence.

Hideki Sugiyama

Hideki Sugiyama

My old friend! I had not even heard that Yoko was unwell. I did not know her well - in fact I think we met once or twice in the library a long time ago. Anyway, I'll be thinking of you and if I may, can I pass on some advice I found helpful. When my parents died, a friend bought me a shrub that was in flower to put into my garden. Each year at the same time the shrub flowers and I weep a little, but somehow it helps ease the pain.

Mik Lamming

The sad news about Yoko has been brought to us suddenly, since until recently we did not know that Yoko had become ill late last year. We are very sorry to hear that Yoko has passed away despite her bold battle against the pain of sickness. Please accept our sincere condolences on her death.

We understand that you will have the memorial service for Yoko at your house on this coming Sunday and If you have a chance, please share the following our memories about Yoko with many of her friends who will attend the memorial.

We have lots of unforgettable and fun memories about Yoko through our life for six years in Palo Alto. As everyone knows, Yoko is one of the original members of XIP and I closely worked with her under most of my assignments at XIP. During the start-up phase of XIP after I was transferred from FX, she gave me a great help to do my job from various angles in particular inter-cultural communication. She was always kind enough to me and without her help I could not have learnt the business practices/culture in the US within the short period of time. Also I always respected her positive attitude and dedication to her assignment in getting her job done.

After my family (Junko and Masato) joined me in Palo Alto, Yoko helped my family to make an necessary adjustment in enjoying the quality of life in California. Yoko quickly became a good friend of Junko and very fortunately we were able to build up a good "Family to Family" relationship between two families. Yoko and Junko sometimes went out for shopping and they organized a group of women to enjoy nice Japanese food. We clearly remembered that we had visited Yoko and you several times on Christmas Eve to enjoyed dinner with nice wine at your house and beautiful light-up decorations along the Newell Road.

When Junko and I visited Palo Alto during summer vacation in 2001, Yoko invited us to dinner at your house and Helen and Murao-san joined us with their children. We were able to renew our friendship and spend an enjoyable time with everyone.

Yutaka and Junko Eiki

La notizia della scomparsa di tua moglie Yoko ci ha sorpresi.

Siamo tristi e dispiaciuti. L'abbiamo conosciuta come una persona simpatica, affabile, intelligente e generosa anche se con lei abbiamo avuto solo un contatto di poche ore, nel corso della nostra visita a Palo Alto.

Ti facciamo le nostre più sentite condoglianze, sperando che tu riesca—col tempo—a superare il dolore.

Piero e Teresa Tami-Ruffo

We are saddened to learn of Yoko's passing. Unfortunately, I must be away at a conference this Friday-Sunday and so will not be able to attend the kitchen memorial. But you are/will be much in our toughts.

Dean (+Ellen) Forbes

Nobody said life is easy, but nobody said it's so hard.

Hui Chao

Please accept with deepest sympathy the heartfelt thought that there is hope in each new tomorrow.

Laurie Hughes

Yoko, thinking of you, hope your resting comfortably.

Dennis E. De Groot

I will miss my friend Yoko — she was a lovely, gracious, sympathetic, funny, very special person. It is an honor to have been her friend and to have been in the book group with her these past four years. We will continue without her, but it won't be the same. We will hold her in our hearts forever.

May memories comfort you as time passes.

Susan and Dieter Walz

Thinking of you all every day, and hoping things are going a little easier.

Thank you for including me to say good-bye to Yoko.

I honor she is at peace, although you are missing her so much.

Judy Spirn

We are saddened by your loss, and wish we could comfort you in some way.

Jeanne and Bill Pomeroy

Nous partageons ta peine.

Alex et Jocelyne Giakoumis

No words can express how you feel, but she is now in a better place.

I know we have not had the best relationship in the past but have thought about you a lot.

Cathy Saitta

This is just to touch in again and let you know that I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I send you "love tulips"!

These were in last year's garden, and now their new green leaves hold promise of new lovely flowers.

I hope that your heart is at peace and that your days know gentleness.

Jackie Graham

We were all so very fortunate to have had Yoko in our lives. I always admired her for her kindness, strength and the ability of truly knowing who she was.

My deepest sympathy with warm thoughts.

Pamela Watanabe

Yoko, I will miss you. Intelligent, delicate, yet strong, fierceful. A true warrior. May you rest in peace.

Giordano, Deanne, Yoshiko, and Kumiko. First of all, I send you my love and support to you all. Secondly, I want to say you were all tremendous caregivers and family.

Jeffrey Croke

Yoko will be greatly missed — she was a great dental patient.

Scott I. Nabeta

È con grande sorpresa che ho appreso da Sergio la notizia della morte di Yoko. Davanti ad una partenza così dolorosa e così rapida, si rimane senza parole. Spero comunque di poterti restare vicino, anche se solo con il pensiero, in questo momento di grande tristezza e dolore.

A te e a tutti i tuoi cari porgo le mie più sincere condoglianze.

Mario Manzocchi

No words are adequate, but I wanted you to know I'm thinking of you. Take care of yourself!

Bonnie Peterson

Heute erhielten wir die schreckliche Nachricht von Yokos Tod und möchten Dir hiermit unser aller Mitgefühl ausdrücken. Wie furchtbar dass sie so jung gehen musste, es ist für uns unfassbar und wir umarmen Dich in Deinem Schmerz. Können wir Dir irgenwie behilflich sein?

Wir sind in Gedanken bei Dir und bitte melde Dich. Ich habe Eure Bilder angesehen, doch sage uns nochmal wann die Trauerfeier in Lugano ist.

In lieben Gedenken an Yoko wünschen wir Dir viel Kraft das alles zu ertragen.

Sieglinde und Günter Hecht
Judith und Thorsten Hecht

It took me a week to write this mail since I heard the sad loss of Yoko.

Yoko told me about her illness last August by e-mail. But she sounded so well and positive. I did not doubt her speedy recovery. It was such a shock to hear the news.

I met Yoko a long long time ago in London where I still live. Our lives went separate ways and almost lost contact. Last 2-3 years, we started mailing each other. I was very happy to hear Yoko had a wonderful husband, Giordano and living a full life in Palo Alto. I thought we we will meet up in Europe one day.

It's a memorial day at Yoko's kitchen, today. As I type this mail, I send you and Deanne my deepest condolences and sympathy. My thought is with you.

Reiko Castles

Reiko Castles

Hiroko Takada

Hiroko Takada

Kazuko Niwa

Kazuko Niwa


I do not want to believe that you passed away. You really enjoyed your life, especially life in California. While I worked in XIP, you taught me a lot about good things about California, beautiful nature, friendly people, good foods and wines and so on. You also held the bridal shower for me at your house. I remember it was such a hot day in upper 90ºF, but you organized the party so cool. It was a good memory for me with you and I will never forget your warm heart. I wish you may rest in peace.

Ayako Nakano

I met Yoko-san first time in August 1996, when I started to work for XIP as an overseas trainee. Since we belonged to a same team, we developed into friends in a little.

Yoko-san was a very caring and thoughtful person. She kindly taught me about job related issues, and also she helped me a lot to settle in the Bay Area. She was always very supportive for me to learn and understand American way of life. Even after I came back to Tokyo in the end of 1998, we often had exchanged e-mails. When I told her my problems, she gave me a good advice every time. Her advice was warm, a little bit humorous, and very insightful. Yoko-san always encouraged me to live fully and enjoy my own life. Now I take this advice to the bottom of my heart and step forward so that I live fully my own life. I will miss Yoko-san very much.

Kando Matsubara

After we came back from our trip, we were so shocked to hear about the sudden and unexpected passing of Yoko-san. Yoko, such a wonderful woman, will be sadly missed by all who knew her. We are going to miss her and she will always have a special place for our hearts. May we offer our most heartfelt condolences to you, Deanne and all of Yoko's family.

Reiko and Yoichi Oshima

Please accept my very deepest sympathy on the decease of your beloved wife, Yoko. I can well appreciate what a great loss this must be to you.

Susumu (Sid) Sugiura

Susumu Sugiura

Per Yoko

Piccola Yoko dal grande coraggio,
il tuo volto ricomposto dalle mani delle sorelle,
leggere come ali d'angelo,
ora riposa adagiato sul gremito dell'eternità.
Nefertiti dagli occhi giapponesi
trasfigurata in ricordo.
La tua forza sostenga chi resta,
tua figlia e
l'uomo amato
perché completino il sogno
che vi appartiene.

Elvia Faggin


Little Yoko of great courage,
your face recomposed by your sister's hands,
light as angel wings,
now rests in the bosom of eternity.
Nefertiti with Japanese eyes,
transfigured in remembrance.
May your strength sustain those who are left,
your daughter and
the man you love
to fulfill the dreams
that belong to you.

Elvia Faggin

Chez Yoko
In Memoriam

Chez Yoko opened to a sunny day
Always discrete, but the talk of the town
With its elegant presentations
And funny serious conversations
Receiving visitors from faraway places
Even once a sommelier.

To take it easy on Friday nights
Chez Yoko would relocate to Gombei’s
For Tonkatsu and a relaxed beer
But otherwise the East meets West atmosphere
Always made Chez Yoko an agreeable place to meet.

Then came Nouvelle Cuisine on Newell
With great promises of perfectly prepared meals
And colorful presentations.
But one day the power ran out unexpectedly
And for a while Chez Yoko had to change its menu.
The scientifically-minded suggested going solar
In the vague hope it could restore the high energy
To which they had grown accustomed.

Winter came and the sun covered up.
The place ran out of energy,
The lights flickered,
Candles were lit,
Not for dinner,
Not for fun,
But to thank Yoko.

Guy Tiphane

Please accept my condolences on your loss. Yoko and I were in the Book Group together. Although I didn't know her well, I always enjoyed her insightful comments in our discussions. She was a lovely person and will be missed. You are in our hearts and prayers at this difficult time.

Jean Davidson

Yoko's spirit is alive in all of us and in her achievements. We will always remember her for her joy and passion for life.

Gabriel, Gloria Marcu & Parents

Anche se non ci siamo visti spesso negli ultimi anni, sentiamo una profonda amicizia per te. Vogliamo esserti vicini e aiutarti a suerare questo terribile momento. Ricorderemo Yoko sempre con affetto e stima

Enrica e Pierluigi Zappacosta

Our hearts are so heavy for you. We vividly remember the pain of losing a loved one. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you. You are very much in our thoughts and prayers,

Anna + Elsa Durante

You have given Yoko such a gentle passing, echoing love courage and faithfulness.

May peace fill your days as it filled hers!

Jackie Graham

Dear Yoko-san,

Thank you for all the conversations we've had.

Thank you for everything.

I'll never forget you

Tamayo Yasukawa

I just heard from Judy Teitler, of Yoko's death. I am so sorry to only have learned about it after the fact. I wish that I had had a chance to communicate with her.

As you well know, Yoko was a special person. I will never forget her many kindnesses to me over the years. Of particular note were the lunch "dates" we had in the PARC cafeteria so that I could practice my Japanese. I was so halting and embarrassed by my lack of fluency. She was always encouraging and full of good humor.

We will all miss her. My condolences to you on your huge loss.

Larry Spitz

The news about Yoko saddened us deeply. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. Her strength and calmness always seemed such wonderful support for you. May the memories of your life together and what she brought to it be the things that you think of today, as you and your friends celebrate her life.

Rob and Holly Buckley

From yesterday's memorial, I know that Yoko was such a loving and caring lady. I can understand that how sad you are in the face of such an enormous loss. Please accept my deepest condolence. Our thoughts are with you.

Xiaofan Lin

Please accept my heartfelt sympathy on your tragic loss. I know that your wife had a long and difficult struggle and that many of the technical community were hoping and praying for a positive outcome. She has found peace at last, but I know your consolation in this is diminished by your great loss. Your devotion was an example for us all and was uplifting in these days of lost values.

I know that the staff here who knows you were distressed though your ordeal. We all wish you healing as you wife would.

Eugene Arthurs

With deepest sympathy and fond remembrance

Claudio Privitera
Michela Azzariti

So sorry to hear of the loss of Yoko. She was an exceptional, talented, and warm woman. Many will miss her presence in the world. Please accept my sincere condolences and extend them also to her daughter.

Sharon Tyler

My thoughts are with you and your family.

Jeanne Anderson

Please accept my deepest sympathy.

Yoko was a wonderful lady, very kind and nice to everyone and hard working.

We will miss her.

Toshio Arima

It was with the profoundest grief that I learned of the death of Yoko and I would like to extend my heartfelt sympathy.

Yoko was an excellent wife, mother and woman because of her behavior in America and the final own expression in her room.

I will wish you to get a new significant life from now. Thank you very much for your kindness to Yoshiko and Kumiko for long time in America.

See you this March in Japan and Kochi city.

Kôzo Tanaka

You have my deepest condolences in your loss of Yoko. While I did not know her personally, I can tell by her web site and wishes that she was a wonderful person and a tremendous companion.

Words are unable to convey much at times such as this, but it is important to remember that no death, no time, can take away the specialness of all the events in Yoko and your lives together. Eternity is in each moment, and the progression of time makes each event eternal, unchanging and thus innately important. Nothing can take away the importance of Yoko.

Steve Simske

We were sad to hear of Yoko's passing. Our deepest sympathies to you and your family. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Keith + Lisa Moore

Mi ha fatto piacere rivederti dopo tutti questi anni di distanza. Purtroppo l'incontro è avvenuto in circostanze tristi e dolorose.

Mi dispiace moltissimo per la scomparsa veloce di Yoko e ti rinnovo sentite condoglianze. La cerimonia di domenica è stata molto toccante e ho potuto vedere come è stata ricca la vita di Yoko e come era stimata da tutti. Lo spirito di Yoko era fra tutti noi e lo sarà sempre!

Ti auguro forza e coraggio per questo periodo doloroso.

Emanuela Vinciguerra

François m'a communique la nouvelle.

Je t'exprime toute ma sympathie.

Jean-Paul Berrut

Siamo sconvolti da questa notizia che ci prende quasi di sorpresa: Schettini mi aveva accennato che Yoko non stava bene ma in qualche modo non riuscivo a crederci.

Siamo addoloratissimi e ci dispiace molto di essere stati via (eravamo in ferie al mare) quando la tua mail è arrivata.

Yoko ci mancherà tantissimo: starle vicino, parlarle faceva sentire immediatamente quanto forte fosse il flusso positivo che irradiava. Ti siamo vicini in questo momento difficilissimo, ti prego di contare su di noi per qualsiasi cosa io possa fare per te.

Saremo senz'altro a Lugano, sia per il funerale che per la cena. Fammi sapere anche la data del funerale a Palo Alto.

Mauro e Mina De Ponti

Our prayers are with you and all the family and may God give all of you the strength to carry on and may Yoko's soul rest in peace.

Vasudev & Lyda Bhaskaran

Sono veramente dispiaciuto per Yoko e per te. Le ultime foto sono toccanti. Yoko mancherà a tutti.

Io cercherò di aggregarmi a Mauro per la cerimonia di fine marzo. Non sono certo di potere perché ho varie cose che non vanno bene come dovrebbero. Farò di tutto per venire a ricodare Yoko, e salutare un amico.

Raimondo Schettini

I just got back to the office today after a two-week absence and read the message from Henry Sang.

I was really sorry to hear the news and my heart goes out to you.

I do not know whether you are back at the office yet or not, but I am leaving HP. Tomorrow is my very last day.

If you are here I will try to see you, if not, just remember that you have been one of my turest friends at Labs and a consummate professional, whom I admire greatly.

Eugenie Prime

Stavo impazientemente aspettando la consueta lettera di Natale di te (e Yoko), che leggevo sempre con piacere. Ora ho capito che Yoko doveva già essere stata malata e dev'essere stato un tempo molto duro per te.

Spero che continueremo ad avere tue nuove almeno una volta all'anno e non solo in casi funesti.

Se desideri che veniamo a Lugano in margine alla cerimonia funebre, siamo pronte a venire e a tenerci a discreta distanza dai tuoi amici. Non intendiamo in nessun modo interferire nella tua vita.

Ti auguro coraggio per il tempo a venire e tanto sostegno da parte dei tuoi amici e conoscenti.

Isabella e Beatrice Beretta

Zum Tod von Yoko sprechen wir Dir und Deanne, sowie den Angehörigen unser tiefempfundenes Beileid und Mitgefühl aus.

Wir selbst haben diesen großen Schicksalsschalg erlebt und können diesen großen Schmerz mitfühlen. Jeden neuen Tag vermisst man die Stimme, die einem vertraut war, das Lachen und die Fröhlichkeit.

Leider gibt es Dinge im Leben, die außerhalb unserer Einflußnahme liegen. Man muß sie einfach hinnehmen und ertragen und kann nichts dagegen machen.

Wir hoffen für Euch und auch für uns, daß die Erinnerungen an unsere Lieben irgendwann ein Lächeln in unser Gesicht bringt, aus Dankbarkeit an die Schöne Zeit die wir miteinander haben dürfen.

In stiller Verbundenheit drücken wir Euch fest die Hand und verbleiben mit stillem Gruß.

Björn, Andrea und Karin Lohnert

Licht wird wieder werden nach diesen Dunklen Tagen. Lasst uns nicht fragen, ob wir es sehen, es wird geschehen. (Matthias Claudius)

Our thoughts are with you — we are sorry for your loss.

Bret Flesner & Loree Watanabe

We were so shocked to hear about the sudden and unexpected passing of Yoko-san.

Yoko, such a wonderful woman, will be sadly missed by all who knew her. We are going to miss her and she will always have a special place in our hearts.

May we offer our most heartfelt condolences to you, Deanne and all of Yoko's family.

Reiko and Yoichi Oshima

Mit Bestürzung und tiefem Bedauern habe ich die Nachricht vom Tod Deiner lieben Yoko vernommen.

Es ist mir ein herzliches Anliegen, Dir und Deiner Familie meine tiefempfundene Anteilnahme auszusprechen.

Nur Gott und die Zeit können Deinen tiefen Schmerz lindern. Ich wünsche Dir viel Kraft für diese schwere Zeit.

Margrit Vollmann und Kinder

We know not how to express our sorrow at the news which we have just received from Japan. The news of your painful loss has been a great surprise. I Akiko has been looking for how to contact with you and at last we got the sad news from another Akiko in Japan, the Akiko is Hisaya's sister.

We didn't know Yoko had been sick for long time. It was shame we even didn't send greeting card last year because you sent us long letter talking about all years, what happened.

So that we think after receiving the long letter we write to you a long letter.

On the day of Akiko's birthday we received annual calling from our (Yoko + Akiko) common friend who is living in Lisbon, Fernanda, then we knew Yoko's sickness. It was 28 / January.

Until that day, as we had not even heard of her illness.

I do not know Akiko + Yoko had been good friends or not even she didn't tell me anything.

We are deeply grieved at the sad news of your dear wife and mother's death.

Akiko + Hisaya Sakamoto

Mit tiefer Betroffenheit las ich vom viel zu frühen Ableben Deiner lieben Yoko. Es ist schwer, tut weh und die Endgültigkeit ist unfassbar.

Ich wünsche Dir viel Mut, kraft und Zuversicht für Deinen Alltag, aber auch für stille Stunden, wo Du auf der "Insel der Erinnerungen" träumen und weinen kannst.

In lieben Gedanken — herzlich

Marianne Jäckle + Boys

Ho appreso con tanta sorpresa la scomparsa così improvvisa di Yoko. È sempre stata la persona molto cara e simpatica e amata da tutti.

Partecipo al dolore di Lei e di sua figlia e dei suoi familiari.

Yukiko Keyakidani

It was with great shock and sadness that I heard the news about Yoko's passing.

She was a great friend to me whilst working in Palo Alto and also a support when I returned home to the U.K.

Words cannot express how sorry and sad I feel for your great loss and my thoughts and prayers are with you both and all your family.

Mandy Woodgate + Patrick Attride

To both of you, thank you for including me in the memorial service you so graciously hosted to honor dear Yoko's memory.

I regret I had to leave early, due to a previous engagement, before I had an opportunity to tell you how much I appreciated the touches of Yoko — her art, her cookbooks, the photo display, and the trouble you took to set out an exquisite table.

Undoubtedly, it must have been very difficult for you to share this very private time of loss with so many.

Truly, both of you honored this uniquely gifted dear one perfectly.

Thanks to Giordano, for mailing the memorial card which I had left behind.

My thoughts and prayers are with you as you must deal with your loss and your own future. Surely, Yoko will strengthen you in spirit.

Jackie Graham

The staff at Stanford informed me that Yoko has passed away, I wanted to let you know how hurt I have been since I heard this news and let you know that I share in some way in your loss.

God Bless You, Yoko and your family,

Mark McGann

It troubles me to hear that Yoko, your wife and one of my best friends over thirty years, has been taken away from us. I was really shocked when I received your letter on the day before her memorial, because when I had seen her last in Shinjuku, she had been really great. How could I believe this!

I called you right away and talked to Yoko's sister over the phone, but I could hardly say anything. I just cried. I wish I could have attended her memorial!

Next time I visit San Francisco I'd love to visit her grave and put a wreath of flowers on her grave.

Kikuko Sakuta

click for printable document from Shigeomi Kawabe

click for printable document from Akiko

Commosso per l'inattesa ferale notizia porgo sincere e sentite condoglianze.

(mi telefoni quando verrà in Ticino 091 868 15 41 / 091 880 20 78)

Tino Celio

We are so sorry for your loss and want you to know that you are in our thoughts.

Cindy + John Wallbrink

Sapessi quanto ci dispiace per la perdita della cara Yoko…

Siamo rimasti colpiti poichè l'abbiamo finalmente conosciuta dopo anni che arrivavano biglietti di Natale in cui si menzionava lei, Deanne, voi tutti insomma… Ed era una persona così fine e gentile… Veramente strana la vita, e pensare che eravamo qui a tavola insieme, contenti, poco tempo fa, e lei sembrava il ritratto della salute… E anche tu quanto sei sfortunato… erano parecchi anni che eravate assieme e questo fa pesare ancora di più la mancanza della persona amata…

Mi rivedo ragazzini in via Privata a Besso (ora si chiama via Canevascini) con tua mamma, la nonna le sorelle, in un tempo che non torna più… Poi più tardi a Zurigo, quanti bei momenti insieme, quante risate… La vita è proprio un attimo, veloce come un battito di ciglia e poi di colpo tutto passa e tutto cambia…

Vorrei poter continuare a scrivere come se ti parlassi e tu fossi qui di fianco a me per poterti consolare…

La Yoko ora è nell'altro mondo, quello che ci fa paura, quello di cui quasi non si osa parlare, ma lei non soffre più… Ha trovato la sua pace… Sono quelli che restano che soffrono la sua mancanza; mancanza che si sente ogni momento nell'affrontare la vita, nelle piccole cose quotidiane, come nelle cose più importanti, il lavoro, la salute, la casa, gli amici…

Ma da questo momento anche se non c'è più lei, non sei solo Giordano, noi ti pensiamo, siamo solidali con te, in qualche modo ti siamo vicini… Se vorrai e potrai, puoi passare da noi e restare quanto vuoi… Questo forse potrà aiutarti… I primi tempi sono i più duri…

Caro Giordano ti mandiamo i nostri pensieri più belli e porgiamo le nostre più sentite condoglianze che ti preghiamo di estendere anche a Deanne.

Con affetto da tutti noi, ti salutiamo e ti abbracciamo caramente.

Raffa Carla Martino Elisa Marco Molinari

Sergio m'a annoncé la terrible nouvelle de la disparition de Yoko.

Permets-moi de t'envoyer mes sincères condoléances dans la solitude qui a dû s'emparer de toi.

J'espère que ton entourage de Palo Alto saura t'aider à ne pas t'enfermer dans le chagrin qui suit la perte de quelqu'un qui a compté.

Encore une fois, accepte mes meilleurs voeux d'espoir dans ces moments difficiles.

François Mesqui

I sincerely offer you and your family my deepest condolences on the passing of your beloved sister. Viewing the webpage you kindly included, I can see that she was a person who loved life and people, and who in return was loved by those she came into contact with and by the lifeforce itself. May she continue to live on in the world of spirit to protect, guide and inspire you!

Mike Roberts

I was deeply shocked to learn of untimely death of Yoko-san.

I know there is little I can say to comfort you, but I would like you to know you have my heartfelt sympathy.

Keiichi Uno

Ich bin sehr betroffen über den Riesenverlust welcher Du zu verkraften hast.

Ich wünsche Dir von tiefsten Herzen, dass die letzten Monate welche Du zusammen mit Yoko verbringen durftest, trotz ihrem grossen Leiden, intensiv in Liebe, Wärme und Zärtlichkeit für Euch waren. Auch dass Yoko Dir die Kraft schenkte und den Willen ohne ihre physische Präsenz weiter zu existieren.

Giordano, ich bin sicher, dass Yoko weiterhin immer an Deiner Seite auf Dich achten wird bis Deine Wut sich dämpft und Du sie gehen lassen kannst indem Du Deine Trauer lebst.

Ich denke sehr viel an Dich.

Un grande abraccio.

Francine Michaud

I want to express my sympathy and condolences on your wife, Yoko-san's passing.

I have visited the memorial website and known that she had a successful life. I still clearly remember that Yoko-san and you kindly invited me for dinner at the house at Palo Alto a couple years ago.

She was Japanese, but really an outstanding international woman.

I look forward to seeing you in happier times.

Shoji Tominaga

I wanted to write to let you know I'm thinking of you at this difficult time. I also wanted to thank you for planning such a wonderful memorial service. It was very special.

I also wanted to share with you a wonderful day Yoko and I spent together last November 1. It was just before Yoko felt ill again. Giordano and my husband were out of town so we had plenty of time to spend together.

We hiked up to the Stanford dish. It was a beautiful crisp fall day and the air was clear so we had a great view looking out towards the Bay. After our hike, Yoko made me dinner in your lovely new kitchen and proudly showed me the details. Then we went out to see Lost in Translation, a movie she had suggested but didn't particularly like.

That day has become a special memory for me — a happy relaxed time we spent together.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you.

Jane Solomons

May it help you to know there are others who sympathize and care, who realize how much you shared, and who hope that in time you will find some comfort in the special memories she left behind.

Reiner + Gela Eschbach

We came back from a retreat in Southern California when we received the sad news about Yoko's passing. I have not seen Yoko for a long time but each time I pass her old home at Calderon, I'm looking into the driveway in the hope of seing her.

You probably all went though some hard times during Yoko's sickness, but I'm sure that it also brought you very close to each other.

Pat and I send you our condoleances and our prayers that the sweet memories of Yoko may soon heal your paining hearts.

Chris & Pat Neukom

Remembering the wonderful life she lived, honoring the beautiful memories she left.

Rena Peña

Yoko had a heart overflowing with love and compassion. She worried about so much, but always tried to think positively. I believe she has achieved everlasting peace. May this passage help you envision where Yoko is resting.

"And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, "Now the dwelling of God is with men, and he will live with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God. He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away." (Revelation 21:3-4)

Rena Peña

It is with a lot of sadness that we learned about the sudden disappearance of Yoko. We remember her as a charming contributor to our numeraous social events.

We are looking into the possibility to come to Lugano and of March.You are always welcome to visit us in Luxembourg! Please keep us informed about your plans at our e-mail.

Reidun Valø & Gérard Hoffmann
Iris, Olivia, Marius

I understand how deep your loss and sorrow.

I would love to help you as much as I can for your need to know and understand more about Yoko.

I forwarded your original mail to Reiko and asked her to contact you about her own impression and understanding of Yoko. I have known Reiko since my student days as my girlfriend was Reiko's senior student. We have been very good friends ever since. When Yoko went to London alone, I have asked Reiko to be a support for Yoko.

Yoko, Reiko and I had dinner together once in Osaka, you might find a photo of that in Yoko's album.

The Yoko, I knew and understood was like this. She was a gentle, calm and tranquil person. You could even call her too naive and not street wise then.

In London, she was enjoying herself without too much money. Even not having money and working in a Japanese restaurant was fun for her. I met a happy Yoko in London, then.

The first time, I have noticed a little change in Yoko was when she started working for Xerox. I was surprised to see a new Yoko who wasn't "slow and easy going" any more and started working lively as a professional woman.

She was glowing every time I saw her on her business trip to Japan.

I wonder if the tension and stress to perform her work in American business world was becoming a burden for her without realizing herself. The nightmares and the fact she needed your hand to sleep might indicate that, I think.

When I saw her after work, she looked relieved, relaxed losing sternness and changed back to the old tranquil Yoko I knew.

I was happy for Yoko to have such a calm and happy life with you in Palo Alto. But because of that, I did not to worry about her life, hence not enough contact with her. I am very sorry for not knowing her illness and could not write or talk to her then.

I was a little surprised about Yoko's Japanese family, though. I am very relieved Yoko's sisters looked after her and were there to the end. Yoko only told me about her mother working as an insurance sales person but mentioned no other family to me.

After Yoko's funeral in Kochi, I am thinking of asking the people in your list how they thought of Yoko and let you know.

Shigeomi Kawabe

Words cannot express the sympathy and hope this message brings to you and your family today.

Sandy Hirsh

I only just heard today about Yoko's untimely passing, and both Rachel and I feel the pain of your loss. Though we have not had the honor of meeting Yoko in person, it is clear from what we know of her that she led a rich and vibrant life, the memory of which you will continue to cherish and celebrate. You will always have the time you spent together for comfort, and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Nick & Rachel Saw

click for printable document from Satoko Yamauchi

Satoko Yamauchi

Scusa se solo oggi ho preso atto della morte di Yoko. Solo oggi mi sono preso il tempo di leggere il tuo "mail" e di comprenderne il significato.

Io non ho mai avuto il piacere di conoscerla personalmente tuttavia in questa triste circostanza ti presento le mie più sincere condoglianze e spero di poterti un qualche giorno rivedere a Zurigo.

Claudio Meli

We were vry saddened and shocked to hear the terrible news of Yoko's passing away. We can only begin to imagine how hard it must be for you, and our thoughts are with you. We sure wish we would have had the delight of getting to know her better.

Thaks for letting us know, and for inviting us to the memorial. We would have liked to come but we were vacationing in Hawaii at the time so were unable to make it.

We would also like to let you know that you are always welcome to come by, call us or email us should you need help with anything or simply desiring some company.

Max and Patricia Lui

On receiving the news of the death of Yoko I would like to express my sincere condolence to you.

While I am working on MPEG-4 to 21 area, I am becoming an XML engineer, which means an MPEG-21 engineer. I hope to see you at the MPEG meeting in the future.

Yokomizo Yoshikazu

C'est avec tristesse que j'ai appris le décès de ton èpouse. Je me rends de plus en plus compte combien le bonheur que nous pouvons vivre est fragile…

Je te souhaite beaucoup de courage et suis persuadé que tu continueras à avoir goût à la vie.

Roger David Hersch

Für den schmerzlichen Verlust von Deiner lieben Frau möchte ich Dir und Deiner Tochter mein herzliches Beileid aussprechen. Ich wünsche Dir un Deiner Familie viel viel Kraft, Trost, Zurechtkommen und dass viele Erinnerungen für Dich, Euch immer kostbarer und wertvoller werden dürfen. Mögen diese Zeilen Dir/Euch in dieser schweren Zeit ein wenig Trost bringen.

Lieber Giordano wie Du von der Adresse her siehst wohne ich immer noch am gleichen Ort. Seit Ende April 2003 arbeite ich nicht mehr, und geniesse das Pensioniertendasein, 1 Jahr früher als geplant. Vielleicht war dieser Entschied auch besser so, als unter Druck und lauter Sparmassnahmen, zu wenig Zeit für die Patienten noch selber krank zu werden. Der Einstieg mit dem Tropensommer 2003 in der Schweiz war herrlich. Ich war viel am Greifensee zum Schwimmen, 1 Woche im Tessin in Vira mit Marianne, die anfangs März auch ihren Mann verlor. Im August war ich noch mit einer Kollegin in Kos. Eine gute Kollegin besitzt da eine Siedlung mit Bungalows. Natürlich geniesse ich auch am Morgen ausschlafen zu können und nur tun und lassen was ich möchte. Im Frühjahr wird es nun auch zwei Jahre, dass meine Mutter mit 91 Jahren auch starb. Nun müssen wir endlich auch dieses Haus leeren — es ist baufällig — evtl. wird mein Bruder neu aufbauen. Zudem wurde ich letztes Jahr im Mai Grosstante von Julia Anja. Sie ist ein quirliges süsses Mädchen und bringt viel Freude — so fahre ich ganz gerne wieder im Aargau um die Familie zu besuchen. Das waren noch in Kürze meine Neuigkeiten.

Vielleicht höre ich auch wieder einmal etwas von Dir auf Deutsch, denn englisch spreche ich noch immer nicht.

Beatrice Christen

Both Minako and I are so thankful for the privilege to have known Yoko. Our deepest sympathies to you and prayers for Yoko and the family.

Roger McDonald & Minako Saito

Le famiglie Ronchi e Rositani rinnovano le loro sentite condoglianze. Curzio, che come Lei sa vive a Milano, ci rappresenterà ai funerali della carissima Signora Yoko.

Lucia Ronchi Rositani

Sono profondamente addolorato nell'apprendere il lutto che ti ha colpito e ti porgo le mie più sentite condoglianze. Cerchero senz'altro di partecipare alle esequie di tua moglie il 17 aprile a Lugano. Rientrero infatti il giorno prima dall'Irlanda.

Roberto Poretti

Mit dir, deinen Angehörigen & Freunden werden wir Yoko im herzen behalten. Unsere Gespräche in Palo Alto & Kastanienbaum, meistens durch kulinarische Genüsse begleitet, bleiben Wach. Täglich trinken wir Grüntee aus den japanischen Schalen, die uns Yoko & du geschenkt haben. Wir hoffen, dich bald wieder einmal in der Innerschweiz, in Friboug oder CA zu treffen.

Andreas, Lydia, Tina, Heiri Meier

Sayonara YOKO-san
Yasurakani Nemuttekudasai.
Switzerland de Giordano to yosei wo sugoshitakatta to omoimasu.

Utsukushi Swiss de nemuttekudasai


Yoichi Miyake

My thoughts will be with you and others close to Yoko.

Much love,

Poorvi Vora

Wir wünschen Dir in dieser schweren Zeit viel innere Kraft und hoffen, dass Dir die Zukunft viel Neues und bereichendes bringt. Wir denken an Yoko, sie bleibt in unseren Herzen.

Claude, Annaliese, Cédric, Fabrice Michaud

fioriHo saputo solo oggi della tragica scomparsa di Yoko. La notizia mi sconvolge e non trovo le parole per esprimere la mia tristezza.

Conserverò sempre un caro e affettuoso ricordo di Yoko. Le belle serate trascorse in vostra compagnia a Palo Alto manterranno vivo in me il suo ricordo.

Verro sabato a Lugano per la cerimonia. Nell' attesa di rivederti fra pochi giorni ti trasmetto le mie sentite condoglianze e ti auguro forza e coraggio per il futuro.

Paola Pellandini

I am very sorry for this late reply for Yoko's funeral in Swiss.

I have just returned from 4weeks trip to Japan and can not attend her funeral.

I have met Shige in Japan and he told me about the funeral in Kochi.

My thought will be with you on the day.

Reiko Castles

Abbiamo saputo solo recentemente della scomparsa di tua moglie anche se non abbiamo avuto il piacere di conoscerla di persona, ci dispiace moltissimo.

Alessandro Rizzi e Daniele Marini

This mail has sat in my inbox for quite a while without response because I just didn't know how to say anything that doesn't sound like a platitude. I had no idea Yoko was so ill. I can't even imagine what a blow this is. I hope you're holding up well. I think I met Yoko only twice or perhaps thrice, so I can't really say that I knew her well. But I visited the site you put up and reading some of the tributes it's clear that anyone who moved so many people so greatly was very extraordinary. I'm not religious myself, but, Browning, one of my favorite poets in English describes the passing of someone who had meant so much to the people she met: "Through such souls alone God stooping sheds sufficient of his light for us in the dark to rise by. And I rise."

Cormac Herley

It was with a big surprise that we receivedthe news about Yoko's sudden death in January. We have such nice memories of you both from our life in Palo Alto.

We would have very much liked to participate in the funeral in Lugano. It is possible that we compensate with a visit to California next year.

Reidun Valø & Gérard Hoffmann
Iris, Olivia, Marius

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